ABOUT Divya Lodge

Quality rooms at reasonable prices.

Divya Lodge weclomes you

ABOUT Divya Lodge

The Divya Lodge provides a relaxing, comfortable and inviting atmosphere with good service to suit your budget. Quality Rooms at reasonable prices, wide range of different types of rooms to suit everyone needs and taste. We built Divya Lodge because we believe in a life less planned.

Located in the heart of Hyderbad city in Kothapet. Divya Lodge offers seamless connectivity to all the corners of Hyderbad city. Located in close proximity to all the tourist destinations across the city. Divya Lodge is the ideal nest away for business travellers, or for families looking for a vacation.

In a life rich in experiences, not things. In the endless possibilities of the night ahead, and the night after that. We know that one ten-second decision can completely change the course of your day, in the best possible way.

We offer best class rooms at lowest prices in Hyderbad.

WHY CHOOSE Divya Lodge?

Hour away from the airport, the hotel is conveniently located for travellers both for business and pleasure. With access to all the Historical and the new contemporary sites to visit Divya Lodge Is the best possible place to rest your weary bones. Soak in the old world charm of Hyderabad.

Divya Lodge with its centralised location is accessible to all the major spots in the city of Hyderabad.

Are you a business person in the town for a night ?
Are you a family in search of your vacation home for the holidays ?

Divya Lodge Welcomes you with all the necessary amenities that you will need. Be rest assured that you are in one of the best hands in the entire city if Hyderabad.